Jan 01

Secretary of State visits Redpack Packaging Machinery

Vince cable with Redpacks Mike Briston, Chariman, David Barham, Sales Manager and James Lawrence, Technician

Redpack were chosen by Vince Cable Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills as the venue for the launch of the “Growing Business Fund”, a £3m scheme designed to kick start growth.

Redpack who are seeing a continued demand for their flow wrapping machines both in the UK and overseas and have a full order book and more orders in the pipeline are eyeing up the fund as a potential driver for its investment plans. Business Secretary Vince Cable championed the firm as a “Superb Company” during his visit to Norwich for its ability to flourish during the recession and to improve upon its overseas foothold.

Dr Cable said: “Redpack clearly is a superb local company. They have got more than 40 local employees here. They are a successful manufacturer, exporting all over the world [for example] in Brazil, Mexico and Malaysia. They have got a full order book and they have got through the recession. The problem they do have is that they want skilled people, which is why we have to invest more in apprenticeships, and if they are really going to expand they are going to need more funding support, so this is why funds like the Growing Business Fund, will be useful.”

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